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Vertical Roof RV Covers

When the weather turns harsh, it’s vital to keep your RV safe and secure with a vertical roof RV cover. All across the United States, RV owners are turning to vertical RV covers for their incredible strength, weather resistance, and various other features.

Premier Metal Structures provide Americans of all walks of life with the highest-quality metal buildings, including vertical roof metal RV covers. With the best customer service in the industry to complement these fantastic structures, it’s no wonder that RV owners are turning to Premier Metal Structures in record numbers.

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Explore Our Vertical Roof RV Covers

With an extensive selection of vertical RV covers from Premier Metal Structures, you’re sure to find the right model for you!
SKU - 8aaa006726d3
24' x 51' x 15' Vertical Double RV Garage
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • No-Cost Delivery and Installation
$18465Total Price
$3323.70Down Payment

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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widthWidth 24
lengthLength 51
heightHeight 15

Vertical RV Covers: Sturdiest of All!

When searching for the strongest RV cover on the market, turn to vertical roof RV covers. These structures boast the strength to withstand even the harshest climates, including heavy snowfall. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather events, a vertical roof metal RV cover is right for you.

Applications for Vertical Roof RV Covers

Thanks to the inherent strength and versatility that vertical roof steel RV covers feature, they can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you build yours for a very specific need or plan to use it as a do-it-all structure, your vertical style RV cover will perform flawlessly.

  • Off-Season Storage – Keep your RV, boat, and other seasonal equipment in top condition by storing them safely during the off-season.
  • Large Vehicles – From giant agricultural equipment to your company work truck, having a safe place to store large vehicles is key.
  • Workshop – Whether it’s for a business you run on the side or just a hobby, having a suitable workspace can unlock your true creative and productive potential.
  • Animal Shelter – When the weather turns harsh, having a safe place to shelter your animals, including livestock and pets, keeps them happy and healthy.
  • Play Area – When the kids need a place to play, a vertical roof RV cover gives them the weather protection to do so.

Customizable Options for Vertical Roof RV Covers

Make your vertical RV cover your own by customizing it to your preferences and tastes. With a team of experts and intuitive online tools at Premier Metal Structures, you’ll be able to design the ideal vertical roof metal RV cover for your specific needs.

  • Size – From accommodating your RV to facilitating multiple uses at once, you are able to dictate the size of your vertical RV cover to fit your needs.
  • Colors – Premier Metal Structures gives you a diverse selection of colors to select from, ensuring your vertical roof RV cover will have the curb appeal you dreamed it would.
  • Steel Framing – You can choose between 12- and 14-gauge side panels and 26- and 29-gauge roof panels to determine the overall strength of your building.
  • Anchors – With soil type and regional climate playing significant roles in building requirements, Premier Metal Structures offer several different anchor types to ensure your building stands strong.

Certified and Non-Certified Vertical Roof RV Covers

When designing your vertical roof steel RV cover, you will have the option to choose certification or not. Sometimes, certification is the easiest way to meet building regulations in your local area, in which case, selecting certification is the best option.

When this isn’t the case, you can still benefit substantially by choosing certification. When compared to non-certified buildings, those with certification feature thoughtful upgrades to many aspects of the structure, making them much stronger and better suited for inclement weather.

Site Preparation and Building Permits

Before receiving the delivery of your vertical RV cover and installing it on your selected site, it is important to address two key factors—site preparation and building permits. Both are vital to the successful installation of your new structure, so taking care of them in advance is for the best.

  • Site Preparation – Before receiving your building for installation, you must properly prepare the site. This includes removing obstructions, leveling, and completing all of the other necessary prep work.
  • Building Permits – Many local areas require certain permits to be acquired before the installation of a new building. Speak to local authorities to identify which, if any, you will need. Then, apply for and receive the building permits before beginning installation to avoid potentially serious consequences.

Vertical Roof RV Cover Prices

As durable, strong, versatile structures that will serve you for years to come, vertical roof RV covers are surprisingly affordable. The final price of your vertical RV cover will be affected by factors such as your installation location, the extent of customization, chosen size, and more.

Premier Metal Structures is committed to helping each and every customer receives the building of their dreams. That’s why it offers a financing program and a rent-to-own option.

Vertical Roof RV Covers from Premier Metal Structures

For the very best vertical-style RV covers on the market, Americans turn to Premier Metal Structures. Of course, it is not just the superior product quality and selection that makes Premier Metal Structures the go-to dealer in the United States. It is also the industry-leading customer service that Premier Metal Structures extends to each and every person it encounters. Call today on (877) 600-5980 to experience the benefits for yourself!

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