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Continuous Roof Barns

For those searching for the ultimate building in terms of strength and versatility, continuous roof metal barns are the answer. The rising popularity is a clear indicator of the growing demand for these impressive structures, as more and more Americans turn to continuous roof barns to fit their needs.

When it comes to metal buildings, there is no better dealer than Premier Metal Structures. This holds true with continuous roof barns, as Premier Metal Structures provides superior service to match its superior products. For the best customer experience in the industry, look no further than Premier Metal Structures.

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Explore Our Continuous Roof Barns

Premier Metal Structures has the best selection of continuous roof steel barns for you to explore and choose from!

What Makes Continuous Roof Barns Different From the Other Barn Styles?

Continuous roof barn buildings are distinct because they sport a continuous sloping roof. Typically, this style of the metal barn features a vertical roof, giving it immense strength and weather resistance. This unique combination gives continuous roof barns an easy-to-identify appearance.

Applications for Continuous Roof Barns

No matter what you intended to use your continuous roof steel barn for, it will fit the role flawlessly. This is thanks to the tremendous versatility inherent to this metal barn design. To demonstrate this flexibility, we’ve included a few diverse examples below.

  • Shelter – Livestock and horses often need shelter from the elements, and a continuous roof barn is an ideal structure to provide it.
  • Riding Area – For those who love equestrian activities, continuous roof barns are a dream come true.
  • Event Venue – Continuous roof barns can be customized to serve as the perfect event venue, from weddings to shindigs with friends.
  • Farm Equipment – Large equipment requires frequent attention to keep in top condition. A continuous roof metal barn gives you a dedicated space to perform such maintenance.
  • Livestock and Tools – Protecting your livestock, harvested crops, and tools from the elements (such as, extreme weather conditions) is vital.

Customization Options for Continuous Roof Barns

Let your personal preferences run wild as you customize nearly every aspect of your continuous roof barn. With Premier Metal Structures’ help, your continuous roof metal barn is sure to look and perform exactly how you dreamed it would.

  • Size – A barn can only be functional if it is appropriately sized. Premier Metal Structures offer continuous roof barns in sizes starting from 36’ x 21’ and up.
  • Colors – Whether you choose to have an iconic red barn or opt for a different color, a wide selection of colors from Premier Metal Structures is at your disposal.
  • Steel Framing – With 12- and 14-gauge steel paneling available for the sides and 26- and 29-gauge steel paneling available for the roof, your continuous roof barn can be as strong as you choose.
  • Doors and Windows – Take control over the entrances and windows of your continuous roof barn with several options available from Premier Metal Structures.
  • Certifications – Strength and weather resistance can be boosted to even higher levels when you opt for a certified continuous roof steel barn.
  • Anchors – Premier Metal Structures provide anchors for every soil type and situation.

Benefits of Continuous Roof Barns

The list of benefits offered by continuous roof metal barns is practically endless. In fact, we recommend calling Premier Metal Structures with your specific desires and needs so that an experienced customer service professional can provide a detailed explanation of how a continuous roof barn has all the advantages you need. For now, though, check out a few highlighted benefits below.

  • Customizability – The ability to change aspects of your continuous roof barn to precisely fit your needs is key to the usability of the building.
  • Maintenance – Continuous roof metal barns require little to no maintenance, allowing you to divert your attention and resources elsewhere.
  • Strength – With a design specifically engineered to be strong and steel as the primary building material, it is no wonder that continuous roof steel barns are incredibly durable and strong.
  • Versatility – No two needs are alike, but with the versatility of a continuous roof barn, you can rest assured that your barn will meet your needs, no matter what they may be.
  • Weather-Resistance – With vertical roof panels providing weight-bearing capacity, your continuous roof barn can endure everything from high winds to heavy snowfall.

Continuous Roof Barn Prices

Prices can vary significantly based on where the continuous roof barn is being installed, how large it is, what customizations have been made, and the manufacturer that produced it.

Premier Metal Structures work with each customer to help secure the financing they need by offering a financing program and a rent-to-own option.

Continuous Roof Barns from Premier Metal Structures

The best continuous roof barns in the nation come from Premier Metal Structures, the undisputed go-to dealer of metal barns in the United States. When you’re considering buying a continuous roof metal barn of your own, give Premier Metal Structures a call on (877) 600-5980. Its helpful team of experts is ready to assist you in any way possible.

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