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Metal Building Site Preparation

Metal buildings have grown exponentially in popularity over the past several years, leading to an influx in demand from both new and old customers. To help meet this need—not just with high-quality building, but also with valuable information—Premier Metal Structures is providing Americans from all walks of life and with all types of building needs with the guidance they require.

When it comes to ensuring your metal building investment remains steadfast through the years, the foundation is one of the most integral aspects of the entire building process. Before a successful foundation can be created, though, the selected installation site must be properly prepared. Read on to discover what it takes to prepare your metal building site the right way!

Site Preparation Considerations

When beginning your metal building purchasing journey, it’s important to be aware of a few key considerations. Some of these considerations relate to steps that must take place well before your building is delivered or even ordered, in some cases. As such, being aware of these steps beforehand is crucial, as is being preemptive with your site preparation. Check out the four top site preparation tips below.
Research Building Permit Requirements in Your County

Research Building Permit Requirements in Your County

Before you start physically preparing your installation site, you need to prepare legally. Some places have building permit requirements that must be met before a building can be installed. These permits and what is necessary to obtain them vary from place to place, so checking with your local authorities is the best way to get the most accurate information. If you jump into installation before getting the proper permits, you could be subject to serious penalties. These penalties can include fines, orders to cease construction, the removal of your building progress, and more. Clearly, this preliminary step is an important one!

Location of Your Building

Location of Your Building

Selecting the best site for your building installation will be paramount to your foundation being strong, installation going smoothly, and other vital aspects of the site being up to standard. You should consider several specific aspects of a potential site before reaching a final decision. Potential drainage issues are a major red flag when it comes to selecting the best site for your steel building. Remember, the work associated with correcting drainage issues can be extensive and expensive! Access to utilities such as water, electric, and gas lines is also an important site consideration. Other factors to consider in-depth are the orientation of the site, which will play a significant role in the building’s climate experience, access for both workers and future visitors, the paving that may be required, and so on. Because this is such a vital step, you may wish to employ the help of an expert!

Lay the Groundwork

Lay the Groundwork

Before a foundation can be properly prepared for the installation of your metal building, groundwork must be done. The primary task that must be done during this step is the removal of any obstructions, including vegetation, stumps, boulders, and other significant obstacles. Once obstructions are removed, the site must be cleared of unstable soil that can compromise the future foundation. Then, fill dirt may need to be added (depending on the soil) and the site must be smoothed, leveled, and made firm.

Prepare the Foundation

Prepare the Foundation

Steel buildings from Premier Metal Structures are precision engineered and manufactured with incredibly tight tolerances. While this makes them exceptionally high quality, it also makes a flawless foundation absolutely necessary. Mistakes in the foundation can be devastating to the precision found in metal buildings. Using the professional experience of a licensed contractor for the foundation work, including the installation of the anchor bolts, is the best way to ensure your steel building will experience no problems. Be patient, ensure the foundation cures properly, and be aware of any potential flaws, such as cracking.

Premier Metal Structures – Helping You Get Your Metal Building Installed the Right Way

Once you have your site prepared, a customer service representative will arrange a delivery date one to three days in advance. At this time, you will review and confirm your order, provide delivery directions, and schedule the delivery of your steel structure.

Premier Metal Structures does everything with passion and thoroughness, ensuring that everything from your research to your installation goes as smoothly as possible. You can even employ the help of Premier Metal Structures’s industry experts to provide site preparation services. Simply call Premier Metal Structures today at (877) 600-5980 for more information about this service and how it can give you invaluable peace-of-mind regarding the proper preparation of your site and installation of your building!

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