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Metal RV Covers

The wide-open road has a certain allure to it, especially in America where the highways stretch into the horizon, there are so many diverse sites to be seen, and so many adventures to be had. With this sense of wonder in mind, it should be no surprise that Americans of all ages and walks of life are investing in RVs.

With the purchase of an RV comes the need to protect that investment so that it can facilitate your memory-making road trips for years to come. Premier Metal Structures makes this easy with its industry-leading RV carports or covers.

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Explore Our Top-Selling Metal RV Covers

Premier Metal Structures offer a fantastic selection of RV covers, including these top-selling designs!
SKU - 8aaa006726d3
24' x 51' x 15' Vertical Double RV Garage
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • No-Cost Delivery and Installation
$18465Total Price
$3323.70Down Payment

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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widthWidth 24
lengthLength 51
heightHeight 15

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Roof Styles

Protecting your RV means investing in a strong RV cover that can keep the elements out, such as harsh weather conditions. Selecting the right roof style for your location and specific circumstances is key to making the best choice for you!

Vertical Roof RV Covers

Sometimes, only the strongest will do. Whether you’re someone who always opts for the top of the line or you live in an area that demands uncompromising strength in the face of intense weather patterns, the answer to your RV carport roof search is the vertical roof.

This roof design utilizes vertical roof panels—a change that drastically improves strength and weather-resistance. When heavy snowfall and accumulation are on the horizon, intense gusts of winds are likely, or torrential downpours are a regular occurrence, you’ll want a vertical roof!

A-Frame Horizontal Roof RV Covers

A sweet spot between the most affordable option and the strongest, most expensive option is the A-frame horizontal roof. This roof design takes the best of both worlds—affordability and enough strength for the majority of applications—and combines them into one fantastic roof choice.

If you are searching for a little more peace-of-mind or live in an area that does experience significant inclement weather—including snowfall—opting for an A-frame horizontal roof for your RV cover is a great idea for ensuring your RV stays protected through all types of weather.

Regular Roof RV Covers

This roof style may be called regular, but there’s nothing boring about it. Regular roofs are the most affordable roofing option that Premier Metal Structures offer thanks to streamlined efficiency in the manufacturing and installation processes. This reduces waste, install time, and overall cost, while still providing you with a fantastic product.

Because they use horizontal roof panels and have rounded corners, regular roofs are not designed with extreme weather in mind. So, if you live in an area that sees minimal extreme weather, a regular roof is a great option that maximizes the bang-for-your-buck, allowing you to allocate your financial resource elsewhere!

The Need for Protecting Your RV

Your RV is a substantial investment in several ways. It requires a monetary investment, it’s an investment in your family, your lifestyle, your life experience, and more. As such, it’s vital to protect those investments by protecting your RV. RV covers from Premier Metal Structures feature several benefits that ensure your RV will remain in top condition.

  • Durability – Metal RV covers are designed to take a beating so that your RV doesn’t!
  • Longevity – Year-after-year, your steel RV cover will provide valuable protection.
  • Strength – Being made of steel has its advantages, and strength is undeniably one of them!
  • Maintenance – Because metal RV carports require little to no maintenance, they allow you to put your time and money toward other things—like enjoying your RV!

Uses for RV Carports

We know what you’re thinking—the use for RV covers is to cover RVs! While you’re not wrong, there’s actually far more to RV carports and covers than just covering. Check out a few examples below!

  • Protection – Protecting your RV from the elements and other outside threats help keep it in excellent condition for future adventures.
  • Maintenance – Having a covered area to perform routine maintenance on your RV keeps you and your RV happy and healthy.
  • Repairs – Rather than fight the elements to perform necessary repairs on your RV, stay comfortable indoors with a metal RV carport.
  • Upgrades – If you’re ready to upgrade an aspect of your RV, a steel RV cover will allow you to do so in comfort.
  • Other Storage – RV covers are large and versatile, allowing you to store other items—including large items such as boats—in them, as well.

Customization Options for RV Covers

RV covers from Premier Metal Structures can be customized to fit your needs and preferences. We’ve highlighted a few of the customizable options below.

  • Roof Style – Choose from the three roof styles Premier Metal Structures offer—regular, A-frame horizontal, and vertical.
  • Size – No matter what size you require, Premier Metal Structures has an RV cover for you.
  • Colors – Choose from vast color offerings by Premier Metal Structures.
  • Steel Framing – With your choice of 12- or 12-gauge siding and 26- or 29-gauge roofing, your RV carport can be as stout as you make it.
  • Certifications – Every RV carport can be upgraded by opting for certification.
  • Doors and Windows – The doors and windows that adorn your metal RV cover are entirely up to you and your needs.
  • Anchors – Don’t let your RV cover blow away—opt for the right anchor thanks to Premier Metal Structures’ diverse selection.

RV Carport Prices

Many factors influence the price of steel RV covers, including the installation location, the overall size of your building, and the customizations you choose to make. If you do wish to save a bit of money, Premier Metal Structures offer RV cover kits, which include all the components necessary to install your steel RV cover yourself.

Metal RV Covers from Premier Metal Structures

When investing in an RV cover to care for your memory-making, road trip-having adventure mobile, buy from the best— Premier Metal Structures. With the best quality buildings in the industry paired with unmatched customer service and care, Premier Metal Structures is the go-to dealer of metal RV covers. Call today on (877) 600-5980 to experience the Premier Metal Structures advantage for yourself!

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