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Roof Styles Available for Metal Buildings

Metal buildings from Premier Metal Structures are known for their custom nature and tremendous strength. A major factor in both of these characteristics is the availability of different roof styles. To be specific, Premier Metal Structures offers three different roof styles, each with its own distinct traits and advantages. Selecting the right roof design for your needs is key!

Metal Building Roof Styles from Premier Metal Structures


Vertical Roof Style

Often considered the crème de la crème of metal building roof designs, vertical roofs are a stark departure from the shared characteristics of regular and A-frame horizontal roof styles. The radically different approach featured in vertical roof design creates an entirely new set of features and benefits that many Americans appreciate.

Features:The most notable feature of vertical roof design is—you guessed it—the vertical roof panels. The use of vertical panels is a noticeable departure from the horizontal panels used in regular and A-frame horizontal roofs, and it’s for a reason—vertical roof panels provide far more strength and weight-bearing capacity.


  • While vertical roofs are the most expensive style for metal buildings, their benefits far outweigh the cost. The vertical panels used in this design cause the strength and weight-bearing capacity of the roof to skyrocket, making this the perfect style for those living in areas that experience extreme weather, such as torrential rain, heavy snowfall, extreme winds, and more.
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    A-Frame Horizontal Roof Style

    There’s nothing quite like building on a classic, and that’s exactly what A-frame horizontal roofs do. By starting with the regular roof design and tweaking it in keyways, A-frame horizontal roofs create a whole new set of features and benefits.

    Features: Like regular roofs, A-frame horizontal roofs sport horizontal roof panels. To increase the weather resistance of these budget-friendly panels, A-frame horizontal roofs add extra bracing and framing to the design, further increasing strength. Also known as boxed-eave roofs, this style of metal building roof features eaves that aid in directing rain and snow off the roof and away from the building.


  • Boxed-eave roofs are the sweet spot for many metal building buyers, as they retain affordability while providing additional strength and thoughtful upgrades over regular roofs. These changes make A-frame horizontal roofs a better choice for those living in more challenging climates, including those who may experience heavy rain, snow accumulation, and strong winds.
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    Regular Roof Style

    The first roof style may be called “regular,” but it has plenty of benefits that make it anything but average. For many, this style is the most cost-effective option available.

    Features: Regular roofs are easy to identify thanks to their basic design. They feature horizontal roof panels that typically curve to meet the walls of the building. This design is specifically engineered to increase the ease of production and decrease the cost and waste associated with manufacturing and installation. This style of roof generally adorns metal buildings located in mild climates that do not experience much inclement weather.


  • Regular roofs are the most affordable option for your metal building. This alone is a benefit that makes regular roofs the go-to style for many people living in temperate climates. Because they feature a streamlined manufacturing and installation process that reduces waste, regular roofs are also environmentally friendly. The less waste, the better!
  • Still Have Questions? Premier Metal Structures has Answers!

    Choosing a roof for your steel structure is almost as important as choosing the structure itself. That’s why Premier Metal Structures not only suggests that you thoroughly research the right roof design for your unique situation, but also provides you with the professional expertise you need to confidently make that decision. A dedicated team of customer service representatives is ready to walk you through the features, benefits, and ideal applications for each roof style. So, when it comes time to select the perfect roof for your dream metal building, don’t go at it alone. Let Premier Metal Structures help by calling today!