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Custom Metal Buildings

In today’s world, there is no reason to settle for one-size-fits-all, especially when Premier Metal Structures is just a phone call away. Thanks to advances in metal building manufacturing and installation methods, it’s easy and affordable to customize your metal building to fit your specific needs, no matter what those needs may be.

The demand for custom metal buildings is on the rise thanks to the unmatched versatility and cost-effectiveness they offer. Premier Metal Structures is at the forefront of this metal building revolution and consistently providing its customers with premium quality and customer service.

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If you’re looking for the best custom metal buildings, look no further. Premier Metal Structures is the best because it offers the best!
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  • Multiple Financing Options
  • No-Cost Delivery and Installation
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$5,205Down Payment

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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widthWidth 40'
lengthLength 60'
heightHeight 14'

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Roof Styles

Custom metal buildings come with your choice of roof style. This choice will affect your building on many levels, including weather-resistance, strength, and appearance.

Vertical Roof Buildings

By replacing the horizontal roof panels of the previous two designs with vertical panels, this roof style drastically increases all things strength related, including weather-resistance. For those in regions that experience more extreme weather, such as intense winds or heavy snow, vertical roofs are the ultimate strength-centric roof design!


A-Frame Horizontal Buildings

For those searching for a balance of budget and strength, A-frame horizontal roofs are kind of the sweet spot. The eaves, additional framing, and bracing are added to these roofs to increase strength and weather-resistance without causing the price to skyrocket.


Regular Roof Buildings

When it comes to efficiency and affordability, nothing beats a regular roof. By streamlining production and installation processes, regular roofs are able to maximize affordability while providing a fantastic option for those living in temperate climates.

Uses for Custom Metal Buildings

Thanks to their custom nature, there is practically no end to the potential uses for custom metal buildings. To provide you with an idea of just how adaptable and versatile these buildings are, we’ve provided a few diverse examples below!

  • Adventure Storage – No matter where life takes you, it’s an adventure. Of course, when you’re at home or it’s off-season, you’ll need somewhere to store your boat, skis, and other various adventure equipment. A custom metal building is the answer!
  • Guesthouse – Whether it’s a place for the in-laws to stay or a summer home for your college student, having a custom steel building to function as a guesthouse provides a great separate area for your visitors to stay.
  • Workspace – From a home office to a car mechanic business, a custom metal building can be designed to facilitate your work, whatever it may be.
  • Farm Equipment – To keep your agricultural operation running smoothly, you need a suitable space to store and work on your equipment. The ideal solution is a custom building.
  • Event Center – Hosting weddings, throwing barbeques, enjoying the company of friends, and more are all possible when you invest in a custom metal building as an event center and gathering place.

Customization Options for Custom Steel Buildings

If you haven’t guessed yet, the ability to customize your metal building is not only paramount to ensuring your building suits your needs flawlessly but is also where custom metal buildings get their names. Nearly every aspect of your building can be customized, including the following.

  • Size – Premier Metal Structures offer numerous standard sizes to choose from, or you can specify a custom size for your steel building. Custom sizes range from something as simple as a 12’ by 21’ carport to a large 18’ by 36’ garage.
  • Colors – With the vast array of colors offered by Premier Metal Structures, you will have no issue finding the perfect match for your situation and your tastes.
  • Steel Framing – The thickness of the steel paneling used for the sides and roof of your building will influence the strength of your building. With Premier Metal Structures, you can opt for 12- or 14-gauge side panels, and roof panels are available in 26- or 29-gauge.
  • Doors and Windows – By dictating the type, number, and location of the doors and windows adorning your custom steel building, you can assure that your preferences and needs are met without compromise.
  • Anchors – This particular element of a metal building is vital, as it quite literally anchors the building in place. Premier Metal Structures offer a style for every need and location.

Benefits of Custom Metal Buildings

The benefits of custom steel benefits are many. Page after page could be dedicated to this topic, but don’t worry—we’ve chosen to highlight a few key benefits for your convenience.

  • Strength – Steel is strong. Buildings made of steel is strong. That strength translates to safety, peace-of-mind, and longevity. In other words, strength is a clear benefit!
  • Versatility – By nature, metal buildings are versatile. When you consider the custom nature of metal buildings, that versatility only increases.
  • Sustainability – Steel is a very recyclable material, and steel buildings are specifically designed to conserve energy. These factors combine to make custom steel buildings exceptionally sustainable.
  • Affordability – Thanks to modern construction methods and manufacturing processes, steel buildings are incredibly affordable, giving you one of the most cost-effective options on the market.
  • Maintenance – Metal buildings require little to no maintenance, saving you substantial money and time.

Certified and Non-Certified Custom Metal Buildings

You have the option to choose a standard custom metal building or opt for a certified one. By choosing a certified metal building, you receive several upgrades related to strength and weather resistance. In some regions, this is a requirement. In others, it is not, but you may opt for a certified building anyway!

Prices of Custom Metal Buildings

The price of your building will depend on many factors, not the least of which is the customizations you choose to make. Your location, the size of your building, and more will also influence the price.

Premier Metal Structures provide both a rent-to-own and financing program, giving you the financial flexibility to buy and use your building quickly and easily.

Custom Metal Buildings from Premier Metal Structures

With a reputation as the best dealer of custom metal buildings in the United States, Premier Metal Structures has quite the name to live up to. All it takes is one call for customers to realize that reputation is well-deserved. From the highest quality products to unbeatable customer service, everything about Premier Metal Structures is top-notch. Call today on (877) 600-5980 to see for yourself!

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